The Premier League started publishing fees paid by its clubs to agents from the 2008-09 season. The purpose of this was to have transparency with the fees paid to agents. This is the aggregated table since that time for all clubs who have been in the Premier League for any of those four seasons.

No surprise that Man City and Chelsea top the table, and Liverpool have been trying to spend their way back to the top since the beginning of the Premier League.  The table raises some interesting points.





As you can see, a total of £286m has gone into agents’ pockets during these four years. That's a lot of money and  would make you question why agents are needed and even if they are why is it the Clubs paying these fees and not the players who after all are the beneficiaries of the Deals brokered by the agents.

The table highlights some interesting points and  raises some questions. Arsenal for instance have been quite reserved in the transfer market with the they have paid for players keeping their net spend low. Yet they feature more prominently on the agent fees table in 5th place spending 50% more that Manchester united for instance.