season 92 to date 8,170,000 19,275,000 ########## ########## 0
Season 03/04 to date 1,430,000 8,220,000 -6,790,000 -6,790,000 0
Last Five Years 960,000 5,850,000 -4,890,000 -4,890,000 0
Championship 1,280,000 8,220,000 -6,940,000 -6,940,000 0
Combined Totals 8,170,000     19,275,000 -9,100,000 319  
Players Purchased Fee   Player Sold Fee Net Total POINTS POSITION
Players Purchased Fee   Players Sold Fee Net Total PTS POS
Season 17/18              
  0     0 0    
Season 16/17              
Lawrence Vigouroux 360,000            
Dion Conroy Undisclosed            
  360,000     0 360,000    
Season 15/16              
Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill Free   Ben Gladwin 2,000,000      
Drissa Traore Free   Massimo Luongo 2,000,000      
Fabian Robert Free   Nathan Byrne 1,000,000      
      Andy Williams Free      
      Wes Foderingham Free      
      Cameron Belford Free      
      Jack Barthram Free      
      Harry Agombar Released      
      Josue Antonio Released      
      George Barker Released      
      Matthew Jones Released      
      Darren Ward Released      
      Connor Waldon. Released      
      Will Randall Undisclosed      
            PTS POS
  0     5,000,000 -5,000,000    
Season 14/15              
Jonathan Obika 200,000   Louis Thompson 600,000      
Jake Reeves Free   Troy Archibald-Henville Free      
Anton Rogers Free   Paul Benson Free      
  James McEveley Signed      
  Nile Ranger Signed      
            PTS POS
  200,000     600,000 -400,000    
Season 13/14              
Nathan Byrne Free   Paul Caddis 150,000      
Jack Barthram Released   Michael Smith 100,000      
Dany N'Guessan Free            
Lee Camp Free            
Massimo Luongo 400,000            
George Barker Undisclosed            
            PTS POS
Total 400,000     250,000 150,000    
Season 2012/13              
Gary Roberts Free   Callum Kennedy Free      
Tommy Miller Free   Billy Bodin 70,000   PTS POS
Alan Navarro Free            
James McEveley Free            
Troy Archibald-Henville Free            
Darren Ward Free            
Total 0     70,000 -70,000 - -
Season 11/12              
Alberto Comazzi Free   Jonathon Douglas Free      
Alan McCormack Free   Lescinal Jean-Francois Free      
Alan Connell Free   David Lucas Signed      
Leon Clarke Free   Will Evans Signed      
Paul Benson Signed   Leon Clarke Signed      
Wesley Foderingham Signed   Elliot Benyon Signed      
Luke Rooney Signed   Kevin Amankwaah Free      
Lee Cox Signed   Michael Rose Free      
Joe Devera Free   David Prutton Free      
Jonathan Smith 30,000   Scott Cuthbert Free      
Raffaele De Vita Free   Alan Sheehan Free   PTS POS
Total 30,000     0 30,000 - -
Season 10/11              
Simon Ferry Free   Gordon Greer Signed      
Michael Rose Signed   Mark Marshall Free      
Paul Caddis Transfer   Craig Easton Free      
Thomas Dossevi Free   Lee Peacock Free      
Alan Sheehan Free   Sean Morrison Signed      
Jordan Pavett Signed   Charlie Austin Signed      
Matt Ritchie Signed   Calum Antell Signed      
Aden Flint Signed   Billy Paynter Free      
Elliot Benyon Signed   Alex Henshall 250,000      
David Prutton Free   Lloyd Macklin Free   PTS POS
Total 0     250,000 -250,000 - -
Season 09/10              
David Lucas Free   Jake Hyde Free      
Gordon Greer Free   Michael Pook Free      
Alan O'Brien Free   Barry Corr Free      
Jonathon Douglas Free   Simon Cox 1,500,000      
Scott Cuthbert Signed   Jerel Ifil Free      
Vincent Pericard Free   Anthony McNamee Signed      
      Hasney Aljofree Free   PTS POS
Total 0     1,500,000 -1,500,000 - -
Season 08/09              
Lilian Nalis Free   Kaid Mohamed Free      
Michael Timlin Free   Miguel Comminges Free      
Kevin Amankwaah Free   Sofiane Zaaboub Free      
      Andrew Nicholas Free      
      Chris Blackburn Free   PTS POS
Total 0     0 0 - -
Season 07/08              
Chris Blackburn Free   Claude Gnakpa Free      
Miguel Comminges Free   Paul Evans Signed      
Kaid Mohamed Free   Ricky Shakes Free      
Steve Adams Free   Gareth Whalley Free      
Jon-Paul McGovern Signed   Curtis Weston Free      
Billy Paynter Signed   Ben Tozer 250,000      
Anthony McNamee Signed   Steve Adams Free      
Pat Kanyuka Free   Aaron Brown Free      
Simon Cox 200,000   Lucas Jutkiewicz Signed      
Barry Corr Free            
Craig Easton Free            
Hasney Aljofree Nominal            
Ben Joyce Signed         PTS POS
Total 200,000     250,000 -50,000 - -
Season 06/07              
Phil Smith Free   Sean O'Hanlon Free      
Folo Onibuje Free   Nicky Nicolau Free      
Curtis Weston Free   Paul Ince Free      
Paul Evans Free   Folo Onibuje Free      
Ady Williams Free   Andy Monkhouse Signed      
Paul Ince Free   Paul Smith Free      
Andy Monkhouse Free   Charlie Comyn-Platt Free      
      Jamie Cureton Free      
      Rhys Evans Free   PTS POS
Total 0     0 0 - -
Season 05/06              
Jamie Cureton Free   Sam Parkin Signed      
Jack Smith Free   Steve Robinson Free      
Charlie Comyn-Platt Free   Matt Hewlett Free      
Ricky Shakes Free   Sammy Igoe Signed      
Tony Thorpe Free   David Duke Free      
Gareth Whalley Signed   Tony Thorpe Free      
Nicky Nicolau Free   Rory Fallon 300,000      
Aaron Brown Free   Grant Smith Free      
Paul Smith Free   Brian Howard Free      
Andy Gurney Signed   Matt Heywood Free      
Lee Peacock Free         PTS POS
Total 0     300,000 -300,000 - -
Season 04/05              
Christian Roberts 20,000   Tommy Mooney Free      
Steve Jenkins Free   Andy Gurney Free      
Jerel Ifil 70,000   Adrian Viveash Free      
Steve Book Free   Dave Bampton Free      
      Bart Griemink Free   PTS POS
Total 90,000     0 90,000 - -
Season 03/04              
Adrian Viveash Free   Gareth Edds Free      
Grant Smith Free   Eric Sabin Free      
Sammy Igoe Free   Danny Invincibile Free      
Andrew Nicholas Free   Adam Willis Free      
Tommy Mooney Free   Danny Murphy Free      
Danny Murphy Free            
Brian Howard Free            
Rhys Evans Free            
Rory Fallon Signed            
Sean O'Hanlon 150,000            
Jon Stevenson Free         PTS POS
Total 150,000     0 150,000 - -
Season 02/03              
Darren Dykes Signed   Giuliano Grazioli Free      
Stefani Miglioranzi Free   Berti Brayley Free      
Sam Parkin Signed   Richard McKinney Free      
Gareth Edds Free   Sol Davis 60,000      
      Joshua Thomas Free      
      Chris Collins        
      Paul Edwards Free   PTS POS
Total 0     60,000 -60,000 - -
Season 01/02              
Andy Gurney Free   Martin Williams Free      
Eric Sabin Free   Steve Cowe Free      
Richard McKinney Free   Gareth Hall Signed      
Berti Brayley Free   Gary Alexander Signed   PTS POS
Total 0     0 0 - -
Season 00/01           -  
Matt Hewlett Free   Frank Talia Monthly      
Juan Cobian Free   Scott Leitch Free      
Danny Invincibile Free   Charlie Griffin 15,000      
Antoine van der Linden Signed   Mark Robertson Free      
Gary Alexander 200,000   Lee Collins Free      
Mark Robertson Nominal   Peter Holcroft Free      
Martin Williams Free            
Ian Woan Free            
Matt Heywood Free            
Steve Robinson 50,000            
Kim Heiselberg Signed            
Keith O'Halloran Free            
Bart Griemink Free         PTS POS
Total 250,000     15,000 235,000 - -
Season 99/00              
Giuliano Grazioli Free   Kevin Watson Free      
Andrew Williams 65,000   Craig Taylor 30,000      
      George Ndah 1,000,000      
      Mark Walters Free      
      Ty Gooden 100,000      
      Iffy Onuora 100,000      
      Jimmy Glass Non-contract      
      Robin Hulbert 25,000   PTS POS
Total 65,000     1,255,000 -1,190,000 36 24
Season 98/99              
Tom Jones Non-contract   Darren Bullock 200,000      
Charlie Griffin Signed   Alex Smith Free      
Gareth Davies Free            
Gareth Hall Signed            
Alan Reeves Free            
Jimmy Glass Free         PTS POS
Total 0     200,000 -200,000 50 17
Season 97/98              
Philippe Cuervo Free   Matthew Coupe Signed      
Chris Hay 330,000   Peter Thorne 500,000      
Brian Borrows Free   Wayne O'Sullivan        
George Ndah 500,000   Wayne Allison 800,000      
Bobby Howe 30,000            
David Kerslake Free            
Iffy Onuora 120,000            
Alan McDonald Free         PTS POS
Total 980,000     1,300,000 -320,000 52 18
Season 96/97              
Frederic Darras Free   Ben Worrall Free      
Gary Elkins 100,000   Shaun Taylor 50,000      
Peter Holcroft Free   David Preece Free      
Neil Allison Free   Neil Allison Signed      
Darren Bullock 400,000   Paul Allen Free      
Graham Anthony Free   Kevin Horlock 1,250,000      
Phil King Free            
Craig Taylor 25,000         PTS POS
Total 525,000     1,300,000 -775,000 54 19
Season 95/96              
Frank Talia 150,000   Nicky Hammond 40,000      
Steve Cowe 100,000   Joey Beauchamp 300,000      
Kevin Watson Free   Adrian Viveash Free      
Mark Walters Free   Andy Mutch Free      
Mark Seagraves 100,000   Gary Thorne Trainee      
Steve Finney Free   Austin Berkley Free      
Gary Thorne Trainee   Paul Bodin Free      
Wayne Allison 475,000         PTS POS
Total 825,000     340,000 485,000 - -
Season 94/95              
Joey Beauchamp 850,000   Adrian Whitbread 500,000      
Steve McMahon Free   Steve White Free      
Ian Culverhouse 250,000   Keith Scott 300,000      
Peter Thorne 225,000   Jan-Aage Fjortoft 1,300,000      
Dean Hooper 15,000   John Moncur 900,000      
Jason Drysdale 340,000   Nicky Summerbee 1,500,000      
Mark Robinson 600,000   Andy Petterson 85,000   PTS POS
Total 2,280,000     4,585,000 -2,305,000 21 48
Season 93/94              
Andy Mutch 250,000   Craig Maskell 250,000      
Ty Gooden Free   Colin Calderwood 1,250,000      
Keith Scott 300,000            
Brian Kilcline 90,000            
Luc Nijholt 175,000            
Jan-Aage Fjortoft 500,000         Prem  
Adrian Whitbread 500,000         PTS POS
Total 1,815,000     1,500,000 315,000 30  
Season 92/93              
Kevin Horlock Free   David Kerslake 500,000   PTS POS
Total 0     500,000 -500,000 76 5