Premier League Teams 2014/15

  • arsenal
  • aston villa
  • Burnley
  • chelsea
  • Crystal Palace
  • everton
  • Hull
  • Leicester
  • liverpool
  • Man City
  • Man United
  • newcastle
  • QPR
  • southampton
  • Stoke City
  • sunderland
  • swansea
  • tottenham
  • wba
  • west ham

Championship Teams 2014/15

  • Birmingham
  • Blackburn
  • Blackpool
  • Bolton
  • Bournemouth
  • Brentford
  • Brighton
  • Cardiff
  • Charlton
  • Derby
  • Fulham
  • Huddersfield
  • Ipswich
  • Leeds
  • Middlesbrough
  • Millwall
  • Norwich
  • Nottingham Forest
  • Reading
  • Rotherham
  • Sheffield Wednesday
  • Watford
  • Wigan
  • Wolves


Q When do the transfer windows open?

The first Transfer Window in any year shall commence at midnight on the last day of the season and shall end on 31 August next if a Working Day, if not, on the first Working Day thereafter, at a time to be determined by the Board.

The second Transfer Window in any year shall commence at midnight on 31st December and shall end on the 31st January next if a Working Day or, if not, on the first Working Day thereafter, at a time to be determined by the board.

July 1st is the date clubs can begin to register players, it has nothing to do with when they can actually start making offers and offers can be accepted.
I am doing a project for a statistics class. I am researching the effect of money on football and I was just wondering if you had any more data.
I do not have data on any more clubs
Have you thought about adding previous seasons, pre-1992?.
Currently I have no plans to add previous seasons.
would you make separate list which is adjusted for inflation.
Currently I have no plans to create a separate list to allow for adjustments for inflation.
Any chance you guys will update this to reflect transfer after your most recent post?
The site is regularly update during each Transfer window, July-August and January
Do you think we could have a stat which gave "value for money" - divide league position by transfer-league position,I've just done it and it makes interesting viewing - it reads 1. man u 2. Arsenal 3. West Ham ... 13. Chelsea and 14. Man City. This really shows which clubs are getting their monies worth from the manager and the rest of the club setup.
You could also do "league position" divided by "net" and then rank smallest to largest, which would be a more accurate reflection of "pound for pound" which club is doing the best
Good Idea , I will implement this in the future
I have a question with regards sell on clauses. I did not see any money included in the sale figures for the likes of Bentley or Diarra, whom both had sell on clauses when they were sold by Arsenal? Whilst I am aware that the actually % that went to Arsenal is unclear in some cases should this not be included/mentioned? Obviously this is not limited to just these two players, nor is it limited to Arsenal but I think its an important omission.
If I have exact verifiable information on sell on clauses I am happy to include them. However I have found the information available on a lot of these to be quite vague. For instance does the % apply to the complete sell on fee or just the profit.
A laudable aim for a site to put some much needed facts together! However, I wonder if your methodology is flawed. Looking at Man Utds transfers on here, they have sold 151 players, yet only bought 68. And they still have 43 players in their 1st Team squad... Something not quite right mate!.
The league is unbiased , if you submit players names that are missing from the database I will be happy to add them
Just wondering how you selected the 14 clubs, and why Leeds are tagged on the bottom without a number? These things aren't very clear
The league started out with details for the top 4 teams , the other teams were added as they were subject to take overs or as requested by visitors to the site. Leeds was requested by a user.
Will you be expanding the transfer costs to other teams? I was interested in Southampton's expenditure while in the EPL and CCC
I hope to add details for all premiership teams, I have no plans to add teams that are outside the premiership. I will continue to update figures for teams that have been relegated.
The fees for Anderson, Nani, Tosic and Ljajic should be recorded as undisclosed. The sums you operate with are just based on newspaper stories and hear say. Although some of the fees maybe close to correct. They are most certainly performance based and will depend on the players and United's success in the coming years
The fees for these players are substantial and to enter them as undisclosed would unfairly skew the database.

There are two other areas that are highly subjective but would be wonderful to collate some 'objective' stats on. One is number of credible penalty claims denied, the other is number of dodgy penalties awarded. I know that getting a valid methodology in place would be difficult, but I think it could be done, at least with sufficient trust in its general avoidance of bias or manipulation.
Good Luck with that one. Getting fans to agree on widely reported transfer fees is difficult, Trying to get them to agree on what is a credible penalty claim would be impossible.
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