This table shows the transfer dealings of English Premier League clubs during the tenure of individual managers.

The table also shows new investment which club owners make available to the Manager.

The "Purchased" column in this table shows the money spent on players in transfer  fees by the Club during the selected managers tenure.

The "Sold" column shows the money received by the football club from the sale of players in the same period.

In the Nett" column the total  of transfer fees received from the sale of Players is subtracted from the total money spent in transfer fees. This Nett figure is the "new investment" made available to the manager to buy players.

The "per season" column is the "Nett" total divided by the number of years that the Manger was in charge giving an average of the new investment made available to him by the club owners.

I am happy to add Managers to this table, If you have any suggestions please contact me using the contact us link at the top of this page giving the Managers names and club.