Premier League   Club Netspend  since 2003

The Premier League Netspend Table 2003   is a record of the amount of money spent in transfer fees  and rocovered from transfer sales , ie the netspend by every English Premier League Football Club since 2003.

Why 2003?  The Reason for choosing 2003 as the starting point for this table is that this was the year which heralded the begining of hugely wealthy global business tycoons  buying football clubs with Roman Abramovich's purchase of Chelsea . Sind then the amount of money invested in and generated by the game has increased in multiples. With billions of pounds availabal from globa tv rights and  telephone numbers for wages this site tracks the growth in footbal revenue and investment.

The table also shows new investment ( netspend ) which owners have made available to their club managers. The new investment can be seen season by season on the Club page from the  teams individual page from the site main menu.

The "Purchased" column in this table shows the money spent on players in transfer  fees by all the English Premier League clubs since 2003.

The "Sold" column shows the money received by the football club from the sale of players in the same period.

In the Netspend column  the total  of transfer fees received from the sale of players is subtracted from the total money spent in transfer fees on purchasing players since 2003 giving teh netspend . This Netspend figure is the "new investment" made available each season to the manager to buy players.

The "per season" column is the Netspend total divided by the number of years that have passed since 2003 giving  an average of the money spent in transfer fees by each premiership club each season since 2003.

Premier League   Club Netspend  since 2003

Transfer League 2003 to Date
#Nett Spend 03/04 - To DatePurchased GrossSoldNettPer Season
1Manchester City £1614.4 M £541.1 M £1073.2 M £63.1 M
2Chelsea £1580.9 M £876.5 M £704.4 M £41.4 M
3Manchester United £1204.6 M £516.4 M £688.2 M £40.5 M
4Liverpool £1079.1 M £750.2 M £328.9 M £19.3 M
5Arsenal £833.8 M £502.1 M £331.7 M £19.5 M
6Aston Villa £521.5 M £191.7 M £329.8 M £19.4 M
10Everton £729.1 M £425.4 M £303.6 M £17.9 M
7West Ham £493.4 M £270.4 M £223.0 M £13.1 M
8Tottenham £823.9 M £644.5 M £179.4 M £10.6 M
9Brighton & Hove Albion £222.8 M £31.2 M £191.6 M £11.3 M
11Leicester £422.8 M £279.7 M £143.1 M £08.4 M
12AFC Bournemouth £211.2 M £75.5 M £135.7 M £08.0 M
15Crystal Palace £231.7 M £149.7 M £82.0 M £04.8 M
14Wolverhampton Wanderers £277.6 M £84.9 M £192.7 M £11.3 M
15Newcastle United £499.5 M £379.6 M £119.9 M £07.1 M
17Watford £217.3 M £150.0 M £67.3 M £04.0 M
16Burnley £155.0 M £124.9 M £30.1 M £01.8 M
18Sheffield United £83.3 M £47.2 M £36.1 M £02.1 M
19Southampton £404.0 M £397.7 M £06.3 M £00.4 M
20Norwich City £131.3 M £149.2 M-£17.9 M-£01.1 M