Premier League Agent Fees 2010 - 2011

The Premier League has published details of its Football Clubs clubs Agent fees for the 2010 2011 season.

From the period 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011, a total of £71,868,749.94 was spent by the 20 Premier League clubs on agents.

The amounts shown include payments made by clubs on behalf of players and there were 765 transactions during the specified period, though not all of these will have attracted an agent's fee.

A Club By Club breakdown of the fees is available in the agent fee's menu on the left.

The Premier League agreed in June 2008 that from season 2009/10 onwards each club would publish, on 30 November each season, the total amount it paid to authorised agents during the period 1st October of the previous year to 30th September of that year (encompassing the two transfer windows).

Fees paid to agents by Clubs to facilitate the outward transfer of Player Registrations. Player Registrations (transactions) include:

• Domestic permanent transfers.
• International permanent transfers.
• Domestic temporary transfers (loans).
• International temporary transfers (loans).
• Extension of existing Player Contracts.
• First professional registration.
• Free Transfers.

Premier League Agent Fees 2010 - 2011

Agent Fees Season 2010/2011
Agenst Fees Paid 2010/2011Fee
1Manchester City £09.66 Million
2Tottenham Hotspur £07.57 Million
3Liverpool £07.00 Million
4Chelsea £06.46 Million
5Newcastle United £06.38 Million
6Arsenal £04.65 Million
7Manchester United £04.46 Million
8Blackburn Rovers £04.23 Million
9Sunderland £03.74 Million
10Aston Villa £03.16 Million
11Everton £02.93 Million
12Queens Park Rangers £02.50 Million
13Stoke City £02.21 Million
14Bolton Wanderers £01.94 Million
15West Bromwich Albion £01.31 Million
16Wolverhampton Wanderers £01.11 Million
17Fulham £00.95 Million
18Norwich City £00.71 Million
19Wigan Athletic £00.66 Million
20Swansea City £00.25 Million