Premier League Club Finances 2011 - 2012 

Financial figures for 2011 - 2012 season for the 20 clubs in the Premier League.The Premier League clubs collectively made a loss of £205m in 2011-12 despite a £2.4bn income. How did they make the money, how much went on wages, and which is in most debt?

In 2011-12, despite the 20 top-flight clubs generating a record income of £2.4bn, collectively the Premier League clubs made a loss of £205m. Of the clubs which were in the Premier League in 2011‑12, the year of most clubs' latest published accounts, eight made a profit, of £82m in total.

The largest profit was recorded by Arsenal (£37m profit before tax) followed by Swansea City with £17m profit before tax. Manchester City made the biggest loss, £99m before tax.

The annual special report of Premier League clubs' finances shows they spent £1.6bn on wages last season, most of it to players. The wage bill accounted for 67% of clubs' turnover, a similar level to the two previous years – wages were 68% of income in 2009-10, and 69% in 2010-11.

Manchester United recorded the highest turnover of any of the Premier League clubs in 2011-12 at £320m, while Wigan had the lowest turnover. Chelsea had the second highest turnover, with £261m.

The accounts show that Norwich City, Swansea City and Wolverhampton Wanderers were the only clubs without any debt. Roman Abramovich's club however was the most indebted with a net debt of £878m.

Net debt is as stated in the annual accounts of each club; debts minus cash held at the bank.

In terms of value for money, Swansea's players could be seen as punching above their weight - despite having the lowest wage bill they managed to finish 11th in their first season in the Premier League. Aston Villa, on the other hand, underperformed somewhat. They had the seventh highest wage bill, but only finished 16th. Manchester City justified having the highest wage expenditure of £202m by winning the Premier League.

You can find the financial figures for 2011-12 for the 20 clubs in the table below which is sorted by  Wages as a percentage of turnover .



Agent Fees Season 2010/2011
Agenst Fees Paid 2011/2012Fee
1 Manchester City £10.54 Million
2 Liverpool £08.60 Million
3 Queens Park Rangers £06.82 Million
4 Tottenham Hotspur £06.60 Million
5 Chelsea £06.49 Million
6 Arsenal £05.58 Million
7 West Ham United £04.44 Million
8 Manchester United £03.68 Million
9 Newcastle United £03.49 Million
10 Everton £03.09 Million
11 Aston Villa £02.73 Million
12 Fulham £02.58 Million
13 Sunderland £02.17 Million
14 Reading £02.17 Million
15 Wigan Athletic £01.97 Million
16 Stoke City £01.72 Million
17 West Bromwich Albion £01.34 Million
18 Norwich City £01.25 Million
19 Swansea City £01.10 Million
20 Southampton £00.65 Million
TOTAL £77.00 Million