EFL Championship Club Netspend For The Last Five Seasons

This is the EFL  Championship Clubs  Netspend (new Investment) for all player transfers for every English Football League Championship Club over the last five seasons.

This  Table is a record of the amount of money spent in transfer fees and netspend by English Football League ( EFL ) Championship Clubs for the last five seasons.

The table also shows new investment (netspend) which club owners have made available to their club managers. The new investment can be seen season by season on the Club page from the site main menu.

The "Purchased" column in this table shows the money spent on players in transfer  fees by all the English Football League Championship teams for the last five seasons. The "Sold" column shows the money received by the EFL club's  from the sale of players in the same period.

In the Netspend column the total  of transfer fees received from the sale of Players is subtracted from the total money spent in transfer fees on purchasing players since 2003 giving the Netspend total. This Netspend figure is the new investment  made available each season to the manager to buy players.

The "per season" column is the "Netspend" total divided by 5  giving  an average for new investment in transfer fees by each Championship club each season in the last 5 Seasons.

EFL Championship Club Netspend For The Last Five Seasons

Current Championship Teams over the last 5 Seasons
#Champioship last 5 seasonsPurchased GrossSoldNetspendPer Season
1West Bromwich Albion£143,650,000£40,500,000£103,150,000£20,630,000
2Stoke City£147,050,000£77,980,000£69,070,000£13,814,000
3Aston Villa£146,550,000£79,050,000£67,500,000£13,500,000
4Sheffield Wed£44,325,000£3,330,000£40,995,000£8,199,000
11Rotherham United£2,000,000£2,375,000-£375,000-£75,000
12Preston North End£2,640,000£4,000,000-£1,360,000-£272,000
13Bolton Wanderers£1,203,000£5,125,000-£3,922,000-£784,400
14Wigan Athletic£16,410,000£24,650,000-£8,240,000-£1,648,000
15Sheffield United£10,550,000£16,250,000-£5,700,000-£1,140,000
16Queens Park Rangers£55,500,000£61,450,000-£5,950,000-£1,190,000
17Nottingham Forest£41,200,000£49,550,000-£8,350,000-£1,670,000
18Bristol City£31,380,001£43,700,000-£12,319,999-£2,464,000
21Blackburn Rovers£5,950,000£30,300,000-£24,350,000-£4,870,000
22Hull City£97,160,000£113,200,000-£16,040,000-£3,208,000
23Norwich City£71,280,000£116,300,000-£45,020,000-£9,004,000
24Swansea City£156,310,000£209,250,000-£52,940,000-£10,588,000