The premier league is the wealthiest league in world football, but just how much has each club spent on the players in their current squad.  In the 2018  2019 season Manchester city  has  the most expensive squad costing £766 million while Cardiff City has spent the least on their squad of players at £47million ,which is  less that some clubs have paid for  a single player.

It's interesting to track individual clubs squad costs over  a number of seasons. For instance  Chelsea's squad cost has remained pretty constant at around £400 million every season since the 2012 - 2013 season, while most other clubs have increased dramatically especially in the last couple of seasons as T.V. income dramatically increased. Chelsea's current squad cost  £394 million and their most most expensive squad was the 2015 - 2016 squad which cost  £446 million.

Of course it is  debatable about whether the price of a player or cost of an entire squad  has much bearing on their performance  and final league position. The 2015 - 2016 Premier League champions Leicester City won the Premier league with a squad which cost £58.8 million  to build.

(* totals are in £million and have been rounded)

How much did each club spend on their current Squad?

(* totals are in £million and have been rounded. The season value will be £0M for a team if it was not in the Premier League that season.The cost of each Premier League Clubs  Squad for each season since the 2012- 2013 season is available from the squad cost tab on the main site menu.)

Premier League Squad Cost Comparisons
Season2018 - 20192017 - 20182016 - 20172015 - 20162014 - 20152013 - 2014 2012 - 2013
Manchester City£765.5 M£728.8 M£610.0 M£447.1 M£409.0 M£389.5 M£386.1 M
Manchester United£608.7 M£590.7 M£478.1 M£390.6 M£391.2 M£305.6 M£278.3 M
Liverpool£554.8 M£408.0 M£464.2 M£406.9 M£285.5 M£289.2 M£242.4 M
Chelsea£393.7 M£342.7 M£445.8 M£411.2 M£340.5 M£391.0 M£364.7 M
Everton£388.9 M£343.4 M£189.3 M£130.1 M£98.2 M£70.8 M£68.2 M
Arsenal £355.6 M£294.7 M£264.1 M£246.2 M£241.8 M£182.6 M£179.9 M
Leicester City£269.9 M£200.6 M£124.0 M£58.9 M£26.1 M£00.0 M£00.0 M
Tottenham Hotspur£241.8 M£258.8 M£211.6 M£152.6 M£174.7 M£189.2 M£144.7 M
West Ham United£230.2 M£153.8 M£143.6 M£101.5 M£73.5 M£33.6 M£29.6 M
Southampton£209.1 M£166.1 M£152.2 M£145.7 M£113.2 M£67.3 M£39.9 M
Crystal Palace£148.1 M£149.7 M£134.7 M£59.2 M£46.9 M£00.0 M£00.0 M
Watford£147.4 M£129.4 M£88.6 M£36.9 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M
Brighton & Hove Albion£141.3 M£80.2 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M
Fulham£117.4 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£38.1 M£20.8 M
Newcastle United£102.9 M£128.8 M£00.0 M£154.1 M£85.2 M£83.2 M£83.8 M
Wolverhampton Wanderers£92.6 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M
Bournemouth A.F.C.£90.7 M£68.8 M£65.8 M£47.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M
Huddersfield Town£77.7 M£71.8 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M
Burnley£62.4 M£33.4 M£47.4 M£00.0 M£13.6 M£00.0 M£00.0 M
Cardiff City£47.1 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£00.0 M£38.0 M£00.0 M